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School Administration

EWEF believes in teach to fish, ... not give fish! EWEF offers elementary, secondary and Early Childhood schooling With emphasis in quality education and French immerssion.



Lloyd L. Jamison - (Priciplal)

As Principal Mr. Jamison leads all EWEF Academy education & foundation's mission and also guides overall programs, reviews all related results, Spearhead all student academic development issues, sets overall vission andagenda of EWEF Academy.




Kim P. Simmons

Kim is the Registrar at EWEF As senior staff, she is responsible for EWEF finance & day to day Administration. She also helps with all trainee and volunteer related programs.


Brenda Long

Brenda coordinates all EWEF volunteer work programs and sets all agenda relating to all fund raising activities. helps with our youth empowerment and all support programs.


Mrs. Donna G. Sorenson- (Vice Principal)

As Vice Principal, Mrs. Sorenson runs EWEF Academy Student Services. Also involved in foundation's administration. She guides all related administrative and training efforts.




Riley O'Donnell

Riley is responsible for all foundation's media related matters and IT needs. He also help with our Tutorial, Pre-School and Early Child hood programs.


Donna Williams

Donna is responsible for EWEF Pre-School Matters. As a senior staff she is involved in all Parent / Teacher activities. She help in EWEF public relation matter and enforces all Public policies.