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EWEF teach to fish, ... not give fish! To understand EWEF's role, explore this site with special attention to our core belief, vision, mission and the EWEF-3s!

During their time in Canada, EWEF trainees receive their skilled-trade training and work emersion during which they are placed with local employers where they volunteer their services and practice the newly acquired skills. This gives them guided work experience similar to apprenticeship.

In addition students pass through EWEF professional training.  These topics include:

  • Work and service ethics
A course designed to explain the types of work practice expected of EWEF graduates.  Special emphasis is placed on customer service; particularly providing quality, timely and honest service regardless of the compensation or status of the recipient.
  • Accountability and transparency
Instruction in running a business or organization according to generally accepted practices.  This includes basic accounting, book and record keeping skills.
  • EWEF Codes of Conduct
This course takes students though EWEF’s code of conduct as well establishing a basic understanding employment, equity, conduct and fairness that underlies conduct in most modern constitutional democracies.

Note: For now this is the Canadian Experience; however EWEF is already developing plans to begin training in other developed countries as well.