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EWEF Code of Conduct

EWEF’s personnel, including Staff Volunteers, students and Skilled trade practitioners are all expected to conduct themselves according to EWEF standards.  This expectation and the standards remain firm regardless of the region and prevailing practices of the region in which they are located.

All EWEF operations and activities must follow codes of Conduct including:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency and & Accountability
  • Confidentiality, Privacy & Privileged Information
  • Behaviour
  • Courtesy
  • Dress

EWEF has zero tolerance for:

  • Exploitation
  • Harassment
  • Corruption
  • Discrimination
  • Racial & Cultural Intolerance

Event Showcase 1Youths chat with Founder

Event Showcase 1Youths - 2009/10 Orientation

We also invite you to become EWEF Member, to upport and participate in this exraordinary effort to make our world a better place for us all. ...Yes you can!

Founder: ..."EWEF believes practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish; and so we strictly promote hands-up, NOT hands-out! Join us in this effort to make the world a better and peaceful place for all. Together as partners we fulfil the notion given us by the 'Most high'; of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate for no fault of thier own but natural circumstance; holding true the premise that we are indeed our brothers keeper!"