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Self Help: Independence with own Productive Future!

Through "Self Help," EWEF effort is dedicated to repairing and restoring as well as building and maintaining all essential core technological infrastructure amenities in suffering communities in Third World Nations. EWEF does this through education and by providing facilities, equipments and training of talented youths in Skilled Trades at 'grass-root' levels.  EWEF's work bridges the Technological Divide of "Third World" and “First World” Nations.
EWEF's Essential infrastructures amenity support are as below.

EWEF's 10 Infrastructure skilled Trade training priority includes:

  • education and skill training
  • hospitals & clinic facilities
  • medicine / medical supplies
  • food & agriculture
  • water supply systems
  • sanitation & sewage facilities
  • clean energy/environment
  • roads & transport systems
  • communication systems 
  • disaster relief support


Husunugboh Fortune Cudjoe: Welding Trainee Sponsorship candidate - 2010 / 11

Self Reliance: Smiles of Hope again!

Your support and donation to EWEF will replace helplessness with true hope in talented youths eager to help fix their own community, putting laughter & smiles back in their faces again!

Self Sustenance: No more Hand-out, but Hand-up!

All EWEF activities involves skilled trade training of willing gifted underprivileged youths or poor talented adults, who on return to their homelands and through their local EWEF Office will engage in the fixing or repair and rebuilding of their communities' core infrastructures amenities; specifically, in life preservation work, health care, food distribution, water systems, clean energy, medical, agricultural, environmental, road construction, fix-vital vehicles and work in crucial transportation and communications industries. EWEF's goal is to establish permanent 'Self-Help'', 'Self-Reliance and Self-Sustenance in suffering "skilled-trade deprived" impoverished communities and regions of the world.

 To do this, ...EWEF;

  • takes a direct active role in the implementation of the skilled-trade training of these gifted youths and poor but talented adults; as well as their immersion in North American dutiful work culture, moral and ethics.
  • assists, enables and empowers these trainees / students to become active participants in the repair, rebuilding, restoring and ongoing maintenance of their communities' core technological infrastructures.  EWEF's  program is designed to help end and wean these communities' dependence on perpetual helplessness, foreign aid and 'Hand-Outs'! 
  • promotes autonomy and self reliance of these suffering communities, brought about through training  in "Skilled-Trades";  the main tool of EWEF education, vision, services and mission focus. The main GOAL!!!
  • promotes protection and preservation of  Human Rights of all local citizens and  business owners in the region, as well as giving these people the access to means and tools needed to exercise those rights.
  • promotes access to instruments of Health, Medicine, Food, Water, Road, Transportation, Housing, Communication, Sanitation, Clean Energy, general welfare, peace, stability of these ciommunities & its suffering citizens. These 3S is EWEF's ultimate goal in these initiatives designed to stem the poverty cycle perpetuating the human suffering

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