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EWEF’s global presence is "EWEF Centers" located in suffering communities or regions from which youths are trained. They are also staffed by their locals. 

EWEF Centers are both offices and workshops from which EWEF 'skilled-trade' graduates ply their trades and train others in their community to meet need.

Following their training and internships, EWEF trainees are required to work from their local centers for a minimum of three years (a commitment as per agreement prior to sponsorship).  During this time, graduates works in their respective local communities.  Their services are provided as a combination of volunteer and paid work.  Paid work will be set at local viable rates and based on the ability of the recipient (person or community) to pay. 

During the three years, EWEF graduates trains others and manage their local centers in accordance with EWEF policy. They know their community best!

Students and Centers are equipped to deliver their learned skilled-trade work and related services by EWEF and Donors. The community's vital infrastructure amenity services are rendered by these EWEF trained youths according to the learned standards and follow through, the CANADIAN way!

Event Showcase 1Youths chat with Founder

Event Showcase 1Youths - 2009/10 Orientation

Founder: ..."EWEF believes practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish; and so we strictly promote hands-up, NOT hands-out! Join us in this effort to make the world a better and peaceful place for all. Together as partners we fulfil the notion given us by the 'Most high'; of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate for no fault of thier own but natural circumstance; holding true the premise that we are indeed our brothers keeper!"