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EWEF is a fully registered and accredited Nonprofit Educational institution offering skilled trade training and labor / work morals and ethics training. These subjects are covered in an intensive six months course. Therefore, to protect and ensure this integrity; EWEF offer certificate to all its graduates, and also certifies all trainees in their respective skilled trades as ‘Expert’; and in some cases, as ‘Specialist’.

Because of the level of rigorous training involved, as well as the specialized nature of EWEF training, EWEF certificate is designed to provide a sense of personal achievement and confidence to graduates.  Most importantly, it acts as assurance to the community and consumers alike the quality and value of the service offered by EWEF workers. Moreover it act as verification  of the world class training, high quality hands-on experience that EWEF graduate received for his or her Skilled trade qualification.

Graduates receive these certificates only and after they pass all the trade related tests and those administered by EWEF as well as the immersion program exams. Tests are administered independently meeting industry standard in Canada and North America. EWEF certificate authenticates the proficiency of the individual trainee in his or her trade, and therefore may be displayed for scrutiny by recipient.

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We also invite you to become EWEF Member, to support and participate in this extraordinary effort to make our world a better place for us all. ...Yes you can!

Founder: ..."EWEF believes practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish; and so we strictly promote hands-up, NOT hands-out! Join us in this effort to make the world a better and peaceful place for all. Together as partners we fulfill the notion given us by the 'Most high'; of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate for no fault of their own but natural circumstance; holding true the premise that we are indeed our brothers keeper!"