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… "EWEF practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish. This is the core of EWEF! Our work promotes hands-up, NOT hands-out. What we do is SELF-HELP based, as we work to support impoverished communities and its suffering people! Together as partners we fulfill the covenant given us by the 'Most high'; …of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate amongst us …for no fault of their own! Please join us in this effort as we make the world a better and peaceful place for us all. By you doing this do hold true the notion that we are indeed our brothers' keeper!” ... Founder

"Inaction in utilizing one's innate talent for good in ones' community really amounts to robbing self and Community of a God given gift intended for Mankind. For me, that is selfishness at best! ... Founder

"One cannot sleep with 'INACTION' and expect 'INACTION' to grant him or her Prosperity in Life or Well-being expected" ...Chief egbe

"Every meaningful Success and Prosperity are usually Fruits borne from hardwork by  individuals or Community, and never by accident, ...barring luck! " ... Founder

"EDUCATION is 'Key' to all human Progress. The 'Elixir' (for lack of better word) in attaining necessary knowledge and tools required to solving our problems. The least of which is our survival on this 'ONE' fragile Planet. know it or not, we are in this 'Global-Boat' together! " ... Founder

"Sleeping or sitting on Ones' hands are guarantees for failure to achieve one's inherent gift and God given potential talent. You have by so doing deny you and your community that gift, whatever it is! What is Missing for some of us is the opportunity to learn a 'Skilled-Trade' in order to offer it. EWEF provides that opportunity!" ... Founder