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A brief History


On January 5th 1987, EWEF School was founded and started its Early child Care / Pre-School, Tutorial and Youth mentoring Educational Programs to local community Kids. Initial Goal was to help Bridge In-equality of Access to Quality Education & Schooling for Underprivileged Children in the Hamilton Area. However, on September 8th 1987 EWEF Academy (Collegiate) opens its doors providing Elementary and Secondary Schooling in Hamilton. On November 8th, EWEF started its community support program, providing food, clothing & mentoring to homeless youths in Hamilton and Flamborough.


On January 2003, EWEF moved to Hamilton, operating from the "Hamilton Self Help Center" Old School Building. EWEF then expanded its education and mentoring program to include teaching new immigrants "Functional English" and "Standard English" as a second language. In March, EWEF started offering counseling on literacy, general education and skilled-trade training specifically geared to disadvantaged Kids and streets youths in Hamilton area


December 2005, EWEF established EWEF Education Center & started offering scholarship for education opportunity to poor youths and talented adults in Hamilton. EWEF School Programs evolved to now include "French Immersion".

With its skilled-trade training, EWEF started its EWEF 3S program; designed to train local maintenance workers for Self Help, Self Sustenance and Self Reliance working within their local community, by targeting street Youths and talented individuals!


May 2006, EWEF became a functioning Non-profit organization in its own right. EWEF models its “working principle” on the notion of …“Give someone fish, it’s eaten and soon gets hungry again, but teach to fish, that someone feeds himself for life”! EWEF’s “Relief ideal and working Policy” is “Giving a Hand-Up, NOT a Hand-Out”! EWEF working principle continued to be strictly based on the EWEF 3S; - (See EWEF 3S).

In June, EWEF started doing work in international communities. Achieving this Goal was a milestone in EWEF progress that started out educating local Kids.


February 2007, EWEF Educational Foundation was started. Its work was focused on local infrastructure need in targeted suffering communities. To accomplish this, EWEF started using a relief work method based on "SELF-HELP" with a pro-active approach using education EWEF as the main tool. This means training local youth's in Skilled-Trades that is needed to sustain their communities in self reliance. As NGO, EWEF uses self raised funds. EWEF Help and Relief effort became the good old fashion "Bootstrap" and "By-your-self" effort and serious work ethic. ..."Not just hand outs"! To accomplish this EWEF provides the necessary skilled-trade training! From this effort, EWEF became a functioning global NGO; practicing the ..."teach to fish, rather than give fish"! Hence the EWEF mantra "Bridging the technological divide of Third and First Words" and the functioning slogan of; “Give a hand-up, Not a hand-out”!


In September 2009, EWEF added Africa & Asia on its focus. EWEF also began offering global educational training & Services, specializing in technological Infrastructure Skills, facilities, equipment, amenities and supplies to needy communities, while continuing to provide the related Skilled-Trade training to the locals to maintain and sustain them.

Event Showcase 1Youths chat with Program Mgr

Event Showcase 1Youths - 2009/10 Orientation

Founder: ..."EWEF believes practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish; and so we strictly promote hands-up, NOT hands-out! Join us in this effort to make the world a better and peaceful place for all. Together as partners we fulfil the notion given us by the 'Most high'; of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate for no fault of thier own but natural circumstance; holding true the premise that we are indeed our brothers keeper!"