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Welcome to EWEF

EWEF provides comprehensive Elementary and Secondary Schooling in Hamilton. EWEF also offers French Immersion program, Pre-Schooling, After-School Tutorial and Skilled-Trade education to Underprivileged Kids. EWEF is complementary to the many NGO services and programs working to improve life & human condition in impoverished 3rd World Communities by providing vital skilled-Trade training & relevant equipment to suffering communities. Local youths are trained to rebuild, fix, maintain and sustain needed vital infrastructure. In addition, EWEF offers mentors to affected kids on help from dependence on revolving aid! To do this, EWEF help local NGOs to promote SELF-HELP to minimize dependence on handouts!

EWEF teach to fish, ... not feed fish! To understand EWEF's role, explore site with special attention to our core belief, vision, mission & EWEF-3S!

Steven Malleba

Technical Trainee Candidate 2022/23 Orientation

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Skilled trade Trainee Candidate - 2022/23 Orientation

We invite you to join EWEF, support and participate in this exraordinary effort to make our world a better place for all. ...Together, ...yes we can!

Founder:..."… EWEF practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish. This is the core of EWEF! Our Educational Effort promotes hands-up, NOT hands-out. What we do in Skilled-Trade training is SELF-HELP based, as we support impoverished communities and its suffering people! Together as partners we fulfill the covenant given us by the 'Most high'; …of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate amongst us …for no fault of their own! Please join us in this effort as we make the world a better and peaceful place for us all. By you doing this do hold true the notion that we are indeed our brothers' keeper!”