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General Guidlines:

To enroll your child is a simple process.  Please know that because we maintain small classes (16 students maximum) in each Grades, you are wise to apply as early as possible.  The application does not require a fee until you have visited EWEF Academy and placement is arranged.

First, fill out the application and background information form available either by downloading them or contacting the school.  Please ensure that you provide all the information requested.

Send the forms by fax (905) 528 EWEF (3933) or mail to:  EWEF Academy, 77 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 2K3.

You may call us to arrange a tour at anytime.  If we receive your forms, we will contact you to arrange a visit to the school.  We encourage you to spend some time in a class with the teacher and students to experience our programmes in action.  

Your child will need to be assessed before his or her placement can be confirmed.  For students entering Junior Kindergarten, we usually need only a morning together.  We set a morning in May for all our new potential JK students to visit their "new" school.

For students entering older grades, we invite them to spend at least an entire instructional day with an existing class and our teachers.  During the visit, your child will spend some one on one time with one of our homeroom teacher so that we can assess his/her skill level in the core subjects of mathematics, writing and reading.  If we are unable to accurately evaluate your child over the course of one visit, we may invite him/her back for another day.

After the assessment is complete, the director and teachers decide whether or not your child would thrive in our programme.  We contact you to complete the registration process.  At that point, we ask for Kid's immunization information, birth certificate information and a deposit. (Please refer to our Fee Information.)

All our registered students are invited to "Stepping Up Day" in May, when all students spend a morning visiting their September grades.  While all new Junior Kindergartens come for the morning and all the other students "step up" to the next grade until the lunch hour that day.  It's a wonderful preview of the class for both the homeroom teacher and the students.

If you have any questions about how to enroll your child at EWEF Academy, please contact our director, Mrs. G. Soresson.