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Husunnugboh Fortune Cudjoe - Profile of a Sponsoree & Trainee Facilitator

Husunugboh is EWEF trainee facilitator in Ghana. Upon completion, he is scheduled to work out of EWEF Center for his Tema community.

He has a proven track record exemplified by his receiving certificate in welding and maintenance work as a welding fabricator.

The two pictures below illustrate some of his welding work to date. Husunugboh is a hard worker and has great work ethic with the ambition of becoming a positive force in infrastructure related metal fabrication in his community. He current dream is with EWEF in helping provide that last piece of expertise he needs for lifting his community out of dilapidated life sustaining structures. Some of which are now nonexistent due to disrepair. Among which are Farming tools, food processing machines and water towers & tanks.

Husunugboh and recent work

Husunugboh - 2010/11 Sposoree

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Founder: ..."EWEF believes practices teaching to fish rather than giving fish; and so we strictly promote hands-up, NOT hands-out! Join us in this effort to make the world a better and peaceful place for all. Together as partners we fulfil the notion given us by the 'Most high'; of doing onto others as we would like done onto us; particularly to those less fortunate for no fault of thier own but natural circumstance; holding true the premise that we are indeed our brothers keeper!"